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“I utilize a whole body, full covered cowl which I have named “Laminated Taffeta”. It represents a dress and it is made out of the same material they are making the car covers in the Western world. It is a visual metaphor of the way that women are covered in the East.

Meanings like protection and ownership of an object that has a symbolic value, are related with the idea of the woman that exists, like one more object. One more object that needs protection, consists and symbolizes an ownership.

I am trying to bring on a dialogue onto a public space, regarding the actual placement of a human being in the Western society, occasioned by an imposed compliance with the dominant aesthetic and ideological standards, the distortion and deformation of the personality and not only. The asphyxia, the feeling of confinement, the panic and the anxiety of surviving, are catholic feelings that can concern every person.”

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